Welcome to Clinical & Forensic Psychology, Inc., P.S.!

Range of Services

We provide psychotherapy and counseling to adults, adolescents, and couples and maintain a 24/7/365 crisis line for our clients. A sub-specialty is in services to developmentally disabled persons.

We provide forensic psychological evaluations of persons who are alleged to have committed crimes and about whom there may be questions pertaining to competency, criminal responsibility, and/or mitigation. Capacity determination and declination issues are examined for the juvenile client.

Within the arena of civil litigation, we provide evaluations of persons alleging psychological injury (i.e., Rule 35 evaluations) as a result of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and hostile workplace. Evaluations in the service of child custody/visitation disputes are provided, especially in cases in which abuse or neglect is alleged. Parental fitness assessments are done at the behest of the Division of Children and Family Services.

We conduct dangerousness assessments of persons facing civil commitment under RCW 71.05 and RCW 71.09; persons seeking the SSODA or SSOSA sentencing options; and safety-to-be-at-large assessments following arrest. Various forms of sex offender treatment are also provided (i.e., behavioral counter-conditioning methodologies, group and individual therapy).

Disability assessments (SSI/SSDI, GA-U/GA-X) are conducted of persons whose psychological condition is believed to preclude their presence in the workforce.

Mission Statement

To provide ethically sensitive, researched-based therapies and assessments that enhance the well-being of our clients and which assist the trier of fact, whose activities are in the service of social justice and are conducted without discrimination on the basis of age, race, creed, gender, religion, or sexual preference.